Monday, 10 January 2011


Intertextuality is used to describe the visual reference between films such as ''borrowing'' certain things from one movie on others. these are the things you might recognise: snippets of sounds, mise en scene, camera angles and methods of editing in some films.

we have watched 5 film trailers: what lies beneath, fatal attraction, the step father and a student thriller-succubus and we checked if they borrowed aspects from 'PSYCHO' which they certainly did. First of all 'what lies beneath' this film had intertextuality of sound of water, the bath/shower seemed to be the same and also its a woman again in the bath lying down.

So did 'Fatal Attraction' as it also had a shining knife as well as the shadowing man in a certain part. In addition the close up on the woman getting strangled.

'The Stepfather' is also similar as we believe the man dies after getting stabbed again with the shining knife and falling over the bath. Also the shower curtains being pulled down is also an example of the intertextuality being used as that is what also happened in 'PSYCHO'. The white curtains and shiny knife/sharp mirror are also examples of intertextuality.  The sound is loud to create the tension in the chasing scene.

Succubus the final trailer we watched also had the use of intertextuality. Once again the shining knife was used. Furthermore the way she stabbed the boy was exactly the same as 'PSYCHO' the camera shot was the same which was point of view shot showing us the way she stabbed by the loud drumming sound to create the painful effect which came only during the stabbing scene. 

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