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4&5) What kind of media institution might distribute your product and why? How will you attract/ address your audience?

After making a movie thriller, or in our case a thriller opening the distribution stages which follow are very important in relation to how successful the product will be. Some the kinds of things that we have to take into consideration before picking a media institution are: 

  • Weather or not our target audience uses the site/ institution we wand to distribute our piece.
  • If the institution is known (even if it is not a popular site; it might still work to our advantage)
In class we looked at a range of different media institutions and what some of their benefits were, we also discussed why it is important to chose the right one. Below are some of the ones that we discussed along with the advantages/ benefits of using them. 

Vimeo - Is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos.
             - Different from YouTube seen as it specialises in movies and short independent movies 
             - Videos there attract a more niche audience (which gives us a wide range)

BBC Film network - Provides realistic showcase opportunities for young film makers 
                                   - Gets the product to the market 

YouTube - Very popular site 
                  - Reaches a wider audience 
                  - Able to receive user comments and ratings (Gives you an idea of how popular/                   -successful your piece is 

Q4&5: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract your audience?

An institution that would distribute our media product wouldn't be a conglomerate, it would be a small distribution company in England that liked the look of our thriller opening. However, because our film was very low budget, means that were limited to how we market our film. With a small distribution company, like Film Distribution Association, they are an independent company and because of this, our film would require different marketing to a mainstream blockbuster.

The internet is a very good way of effectively distributing new films, through video sharing sites, which can be rated out of 5 stars, and comments can be made, so a good amount of feedback is received, which tells you what your audience thinks about the clip, which is a very simple and cheap way to get find out what people thought was good, and could be improved. This would be our main way to advertise our film, and then maybe through that, an independent company would then buy our film, because they see the potential in it. Blockbuster films would be marketed very differently to gain a wider audience, through cinematic releases, premiers, billboards, Facebook, twitter, flyers, posters, as well as video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Task 1:
Bbc film network, is a realistic showcase, which provides opportunities for young film makers and help get the product to the market.
Amateur film

This film maker found an audience by uploading their film to the bbc film network, for people who want to get opinions about their film making, from other people who like to browse and make short films too. This can be a very helpful and expressive way to share your films and learn techniques to improve your own.

Task 2:
Vimeo, a video sharing site, where lots of different audiences can find it.

Task 3:
Youtube, a very popular video sharing site, which reaches a wide audience and user comments and ratings.
 to be continued

Monday, 28 March 2011

Evaluation Q2- How does your media product represent partcular social groups?

 This is a comparison between our hooded pictures from our film and 'Kidulthood'. This can stereotype how the characters in the hoods are always the culprits. However, as a society we know this is not true. However, as this is a film, it will be played with and abused by the film makers, in order to make the film good and realistic. However, in our film a hood was used to disguise the culprit. Whereas, in 'Kidulthood' a hood was worn as a fashion statement, as the young teenagers of today often wear them. It is also common for adults to wear them when they are exercising or just simply dressing casual. 


These pictures show a jumper that we put on our psycho teacher as part of her clothing being worn in the class. We didn't want to make it obvious that it was a teacher as we wanted to make the audience work. If we put a jumper on the teacher and shot scenes of being in the class, then the audience would have to figure out whether the character was the teacher or a student.

These pictures show weapons that were shown in the films. The bat was the famous weapon that was used to kill in Kidulthood. Whereas, in our film, we just done shots on these classroom objects, as they are simply tools, but can also be used as lethal weapons.

Q2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our opening has a taster of violent, agressive behavior, when I beat Lashmi on the ground. This is similar to the people in kidult/adulthood's social groups, unnessisary anti-social behavior. The type of clothing i was wearing was suspicious because my hood was up, and you couldn't tell who i was from a distance. This is a feature of gang culture which can be intimidating to the public. Our opening is based on a steroetypical view, to make it clear to the audience that i wasn't a "goody". However, because im a school teacher, it seems very strange that i'd want to kill my students, that why i dressed unusually to how a normal school teacher would. Even though in the classroom im wear a sweatshirt, which is still similar to what i wear when i go to the park and hurt Lashmi. 

Q.2How does your media product repersent particular social groups?

The things that are similar is when Emily has her hood up. This shows representation of age/youth as although she is played as a teacher she is disguised as a stereotypical teenager. The hood that she is wearing also conveys age as it is stereotyped for teens to wear hoods especially the bad ones, which Emily does play a part in as she is definitely not a good person.

Here are some of the clips that are similar from our piece and the movie Adulthood, from these images you can see that the stereotypical teenager is represented using the cliché stereotype of wearing a "hoody" and a pair of trainers.

One of the differences is that she is a female which goes against the stereo type as the teen being a male. Usually when it comes to violence it is a male that is shown doing the killing but in this case it is different.

Q1: In what ways dies your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

Our title sequence wasn't entirely based on a another films title sequence however, Any Human Heart's titles were simliar, as they are in quite a small size and abstract font, which we used. We used small font so the titles seemed more like they weren't there, and the trailer alone was more important. The clips in the sequence were also establishing shots, which help identify the location, which is done in Any Human Hearts opening. Any Human Hearts opening is very simliar to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang's opening as the title pictures are really abstract and it person is a shadow, there are no features you can see apart from the bodies outline.

This is the title sequence screen grabs from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,  which also uses very simplistic style for their title and similarly the font is small and positioned to one side, to create an effect. However we chose to place all of our titles in the middle, so they were clear, and usually easy to read. And centered is very formal, and can always be seen because its in the middle.

Q.1) Conventions of real media product.

This is the 9 screen shots of the opening of the film Se7en.

Here are the screen shots of our thriller opening, as you can see there are quite a few similarities in comparison to the screen shots from the movie Se7en.

I think that this title sequence is quite similar to the one our group made for our film. As most of the writing is the the same as ours, for example when it says a film by as we also had one. In addition the writing is behind the film while its playing this is also included in ours as some films just show the writing in a black background. Furthermore the 6th screen shot shows a marker that is crossing out a face similarly in our film there is a screen shot where the killer uses a marker to cut out Lashmi's name.

Q1 Evaluation- In what ways does your media product use, devlelop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I feel that 'Any Human Heart' was an inspirational film for me. In our film, we used similar shots of one person just walking. This title sequence has a very different contrast and in our film we also used different contrast, such as changing some of our film to black and white, to make it look more better and professional. You can see that the shots have shown a lot of location, which is similar to our film. Theres a lot of shots such as over the shoulder, long shots and close ups, which is what we also used in our film. Therefore, i think this film was inspirational as it is very similar to ours.  

These two shots establish the two main characters and the setting of location on where the film is based.

Walking shot 

These two shots show a focus on one particular thing. This happens a lot in Thriller movies, when the camera will focus on a really important prop.

ID Card And Hand Shot- Focused on One Thing

This is personally my favorite shot as it shows both the titles and shows that the two characters that are both looking for something in particular. 

 Facing the camera looking

Pictures from a film also used as inspiration. "Last House On The Left" 

I like this shot too, as both the main characters are on the floor in the forest. This shows the point where the characters are in their most vulrnerable states in the film.

Q6: Audience feedback and comments

This was the general response we received from our class when we watched everyones thriller openings today in lesson. This was good because it told us if we were meeting our brief that we had been set which we were, to create suspense using a variety of camera angles and sound effects. However, i dont think our target audience is specifically teenagers, i think it's broader than that, and young adults would enjoy the opening too. Not specifically for boys or girls either, and because ours has a twist, it would be even more appealing to girls. We got some feedback about the greyscale effect we used, sometimes this looks really bad in a film if its not used correctly, but i think we mastered it, it had the effect so everyone knew it had just happened recently. Our response from our class twas overall very helpful and good to hear.

Q6: Audience Feedback and Comment

"Good Mise En Scene"

"Good Camera Work" 

"Loved the Black and White"

"Creates Suspense"

"Variety Of Suspense"

The comments that we recieved do meet the brief, however, some comments were negative due to the soundtrack not being in time with the film. Overall, the comments we recieved were really good, they said we created a lot of attention however the ending scene of me being attacked was quite humerous. I feel though that we did meet the brief and the audience were happy with the film.

Q6. Audience feedback of film (Wodle screenshot)

Group 3- Imperfections

I am delighted with the feedback me and my group received as it is exactly what i wanted to hear for certain things we did in our film. As the picture shows their was a comment about the black and white color changed, this was a risk we took as it will either go really good or really bad at the end it was positive which is a relief.  Also with the soundtrack it was a good outcome by our audience as they thought it suited the film which was another plus to our group. There was no bad comments at all so we did not need to worry about anything as it looked only good and positive to our audiences.

6) Audience feedback and comments

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Animatic story board analysis, and filming techniques.

An animatic story board is a small scale film which helps you decide what type of shot angle you will use when actually filming. By doing this, you can see from what you originally thought was a good angle, is not that good and there are better ways to show a conversation for example. We used jelly babies for our preliminary piece, instead of people, small it was microscaled.
We were taught to film 5 seconds before and after everything we recorded, so you can edit out the best parts, and so the clip doesn't start so suddenly. This helped when we edited our final film because we had lots of slack to edit from because we filmed before we actually wanted to film from.
The 180 degree camera rule is where two people of objects in a room have to have the same left-right relationship with each other. Filming a scene from two opposite sides is known as a reverse angle.
Match cut is a cut of film editing, between two differemt objects, that links two objects together. Often used to link action in films.

Friday, 25 March 2011

My Evaluation Of The Complete Experience

Soon to be done..

Introduction to Live Type

Mehdi and Myself (Lashmi) got out a camera in workshop and filmed ourselves giving an introduction to how to use Live Type and how to save and export it. This video that we have created together is our example of how to use LiveType.

Prelim Animatic

Im finished!!


Rough Cut

What I would do differently bassed on my knowledge now

  • Add more sound effects because i think it would make our piece more entertaining
  • Get more / a range of different camera angles
  • Add more scenes seen as our opening was quite short 
  • Chose more  locations
  • Be more organised in terms of both blogging and filming schedule
  • add more characters to my initial idea
  • Do some video blogs
  • Take more behind the scenes shots
  • Use more camera techniques in term of ones used to create suspence

Importing and exporting

 The reason why i am blogging about this task is because it is one of the ones that i had found quite challenging at the start of the project, but now I'm showing that i have gained an understanding of this process.
  • First of all i had to IN and OUT it and the beginning and the end
  • Saved this as Main opening sequence (names of people in my group)
  • I then opened up sound track pro
  • The sound track i uploaded was inspired by the on in "Enemy of the state"
  • I then imported our Opening sequence into the Sound track pro software
  • now i was able to move about the music to places were it seemed best
  • Whilst doing this i was able to watch our opening in small on the top left had side of the window
  • We then saved this as soundtrack for final piece  
  • Went back into the final cut pro software and imported the soundtrack for final piece  file from our video drive
  • I then muted all other sound that was in our previous opening sequence as we only wanted our new sound track to be heard
  • finally I dragged our soundtrack onto the tabs and pressed F13 the screen to watch it bigger and it played with the title sequence.

Evaluation/ Analysis of Pre-lim film

Starts with a production made from Live Type with a green background and the Directors names 'Temi and Mehdi'. Then shows a shot of me walking towards the door and then shows an over shoulder shot of me opening the door from a high angle point of view. The door slams however, this noise was take from Soundtrack Pro. The music goes from piano to action kind of music, however, quickly changes back to piano. There's a shot of me walking through the corridor after coming through the door and then walking towards a person i am about to start speaking to. From Emily's point, we use an over the shoulder shot of her talking to me, this works well as she is taller then me. Whereas, i am shorter then Emily we use a point of view shot as I'm talking to Emily. The scenes are repeated as our conversation goes on. We use a long shot of we walking towards her and that turns to a medium shot to a close up of me. we then finish the sequence of Emily looking at my phone as if I'm about to show her something, and the shot used for this is a two shot. the piano music is constantly on throughout mine and Emily's discussion. This is good as you can see that the conversation we had was real.

Just To clear our name change

Our original name that we had for our film was 'A Perfect world', however, chose to change it as we wanted it to relate to the subject of a killer teacher more. We also changed it because originally when we started planning months ago, we had a blackboard in the storyboard with the subject of what the teacher was going to be teaching, which said 'A Perfect World', but as said before, we wantd to relate it back to the topic. We then changed it to 'Psycho teacher' however, this title gave away too much of the story. There is no point in making a Thriller, which is supposed to build up so much tension to the finale, but then the name of the film gies it away. Temi then decided to call it 'Imperfections'. I personally thought this was a perfect title, as the meaning of it is good and it does not gie too much of the plot away. Therefore, our concluding name for our film is in fact 'Imperfections'.

Introduction to cameras

Today as a group we learned how to use the camera's properly. This included learning how to set up the camera, put the camera safely onto a tripod and using features such as zoom and focus. we were given a task to film someone reading a news paper but whe had to make it more dramatic, using a range of different camera techniques and shots.

Our Final Final Cut

Analysis of thriller watched in class "The Step Father"

In recent times the horror genre has been divided into two paths, the brutally gruesome and the suspenseful. The Stepfather clearly is going for the second category, which would have been fine if it were in fact thrilling as it possibly could be. The idea is strong and the characters are appealing but the movie is missing the one element that might earn it an audience, terror. However it employs a range of codes and conventions which make it a thriller film; this including the use of false plateau. This technique involves deceiving the audience into thinking a dramatic scene will occur, One other example of a technique used in this to build tension is the use of music, e.g starting of with slow sort of airy music and then finishing off with a more up tempo beat, the transition from one sound to another is very important as its aim to catch the viewer of guard in other words surprise/ frighten.

pre final cut

Camera shots

As shot types are an essential part of our piece, here are some of the camera shots we will try and include:

Over the shoulder shot

wide shot

Close up

Long shot

Extreme close up

Thriller sub genres

When making a thriller there are many specific types (Sub-genres) to chose from. here is a list of some of them, along with a brief explanation:

Conspiracy thriller: When a hero confronts a group of enemies who are more powerful than themselves; whose true extent only he recognises. an example of this is Flightplan a 2005 thriller film directed by Robert Schwentke and starring Jodie Foster.

Psychological thriller: When the conflict between main characters is more mental/ emotional rather than physical. an example is Orphan a 2009 American horror and thriller film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, starring Vera Farmiga.

Mystery thriller: Normally a film filled with suspense, where usually the main character attempts to solve a mystery. an example is Memento  a 2000 American psychological thriller film written and directed by Christopher Nolan

After researching quite a few thriller sub genres the one that inspires me the most is a psychological thriller because usually it is this type of thriller that makes the audience more involved and more intrigued, taking them on a psychological journey of uncertainty throughout the movie.

Pics od Editing on Soundtrack pro

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Structure of opening of Thriller films

There are three basic structures when you notice film openings these are:

  • A narrative opening with the titles running thoughout
e.g. The Stepfather & The Shinning
  • A discrete title sequence
e.g. Arlington road & Seven
  • Titles over a blank screen, followed by the narrative opening
e.g. Donnie Darko & Mezrine
  • Stylized editing
e.g. Taking of Pelham 123

Cinema to watch UNKNOWN

I went to the cinema to watch Unknown  it was about a guy called Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) awakens after a car accident in Berlin to discover that his wife (January Jones) suddenly doesn’t recognize him and another man (Aidan Quinn) has assumed his identity. Ignored by disbelieving authorities and hunted by mysterious assassins, he finds himself alone, tired and on the run. Aided by an unlikely ally (Diane Kruger), Martin plunges headlong into a deadly mystery that will force him to question his sanity, his identity, and just how far he’s willing to go to uncover the truth

Lurpak sequence

The aim of this advert was to sell Lurpak which is the brand of butter. The idea of someone making an omelette sounds very boring however, it was turned into an advert so suspenseful and 'wierdly' kept me on edge to see whether it would fail or cook perfectly. During the first 9 seconds of the advert the lighting is very dark so the audience are wondering what the advert is about which immediately keeps us hooked. The backing track of the advert was quiet slow yet suspenseful.

What I really enjoyed about this was that there were a lot of close ups on the littlest things that we do not really pay attention to when we are cooking so it seems much more creative. This showed me that even the simple things can look reallly inventive with sound effects and really goot ediitn techquies. It somehow looked interesting and suspenseful.

what interests me on intertextuality in film and examples

 I was interested in Intertexuality as it is used in films at such a precise level, the veiwers don't see it occur.
My favourate usage of it, is in Alfred Hitchcocks famous shower scene in Psycho, this scene has been used in various other films such as in The Stepfather  and The Grudge its even used it comedys such as Looney tunes: back in action, This shows us how Hitchcock inspired directors, causing them to use this scene in there own way. the scene is so effective as we are put in the perspective of the knife, also the cuts keep us intersted and make the audience never turn away.


I really like this title sequence because of the glowing effects and the way the close up of the actor is slightly blurred and hazed.We cannot really see his true identity because of the effect which further reinforces that it is mysterious and uncertain. The used of glowing fonts continue to add a weird effect to the sequence. The images are very different to each other and in a way reflect setting or place. The colours appeal the most to me and it caught my eye instantly due to the fire explosions and the misty scenery.

Our new and final name for our thriller opening.

We have finally all decided as a group that 'Imperfections' was our last and final title for our opening. The name sounds good and basically does not give to much away. The name suggest something is not perfect so you could sort of figure out what the thriller is going to be about but not fully sure. 
The name was decided by Temi one of our group members and we were all happy about the title.Our first title was called 'A perfect world' and second was 'Psycho teacher' both of these titles seem to be dull. Also the second one gives to much away as it tells the audience who the crazy killing person is going to be. Epecially when you want a film to build up tension and suspence their is literally no point if the title gives to much away.

Changing some parts of our video to black and white and how to do so.

We changed our video to black and white as it allows us to be more original.

So how do we change it into black and white?

Here are the steps on how to do so which my friend Lasmi helped me with. First of all you go into Effects section and then you click on video filters, it will then take you a option called image control next step is that you click on the effect Desaturate. And there you have your film in black and white remember if you want certain parts of the video in black and white just simply highlight the clips you want. 


Props that were used on our opening thriller

Our group had to bring in some props for our thriler film. The props we used were: an Id card along with an pendent to hold it,books, phone,handbag,a normal bag and weapons in the draw and more.

Final Edit Screen Grab

This is a screen grab of basically the final edit. I didn't personally get to add the touch ups of the titles and soundtack, as i was in lesson. However, Temi from my group was happy to take on this responsibility. This screen grab is of pretty much our final edit. We had the titles and the actaul edit that were finished. All that needed to be added in was soundtrack. I am very happy with watching the result of our film. It came out better then expected, as the scenes were put together so well.  Furthermore, i chose to use this screen grab as you can see the titles, an over the shoulder shot of emily, who was following me and the timeline. 

How To Make Your Film Back and White

I have shown you a screen grab of how to make our film black and white. We thought it would be a good idea to have some of our video in black and white and some in colour, as this is not common
I firstly go into Effects and then i click on video filters, it will then take me to the option image control and then i click on the effect Desaturate. This is what makes the film black an white.

Screen grab of our editing on Soundtrack Pro software

Here we used a high pitched violin this is because we wanted to create tension and suspense as, Lashmi the girl that plays the part in dying does not know what is coming her way as she gets followed in a lonely path.

We also added in a scream to show the characters struggle on being attacked and holding on to dear life.Also Lashmi was the one that found the sounds and we all thought the sounds that she found were good to put in our film.

Audience feedback for Rough Cut

To make a positive film we must need some feedback good and bad to see what we could improve on. i went around and asked some people to look at my groups rough cut and give suggestions to what they think would make it better. Nearly all of them said the same thing which was to add a title sequence with titles of the names of the people in the film, who edited sound, who produced it etc...

Some people also said make the scene where the person that gets killed in the film (Lashmi) a little bit longer so that we wait more and the tension and anxiety builds up to bring suspence into the film. This is good as this is what we actually want as it is a psycoligical thriller.Other people mentioned that we should add some scary sounds or just plain tension build up sounds where the sound gets louder and louder, and other sounds.

However their were some things they said they really liked as some mentioned the beginning as they said they liked the way the killer teacher had weapons and a list of people she killed and who is her next target. They also liked the last bit when Lashmi is lying on the floor and the camera starts to zoom up on the id card. In addition they also said they loved the fact that the killer was still alive and not stopped which leads to a clif hanger.

Screen grab of editing on Soundtrack Pro

This is a screen grab of editing our Soundtrack. For our music in our film, we have used a very high pitched violin to create tension and suspense. We also added in sound effects like a scream to make the ending of the film better. The scream that has been edited in to the film represents my scream for my life.

Difference between Horror and Thriller?

Horror and thriller may apear to be the same to some people but it has many differences.
First of all a thriller film  is more interested in suspence building up tention and makes you worried and nervous for the safety of the characters. ''Keeps you at the edge of your seat'' is a common term used to describe thriller films. 

However a Horror film is used to make you feel for your personal safety and make you think what has happened to the characters may happen to you. For example a horror film contained a person getting stabed by a demon or something supernatural and you may be scared to go to your bathroom. As silly as it sounds it actually does work for some amount of people that go to watch the films.

Furthermore thriller films do not contain as much blood,gore and violence as Horror films contain.

The Adjustment Bureau( Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller)

The Exorcist