Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Definitions of suspense

Suspense is when a tension is built up because you cannot tell whats going to happen. There is doubt but at the same time its pleasurable and exciting. Suspense can be created with a diegetic or non diegetic sound or  a sudden movement to create anticipation regarding an outcome. Sometimes in films suspense is made to make it seem like something is going to happen, but then doesn't, which confuses the audience but attracts their attention to when something will happen.

Our class watched the Jaws trailer in a lesson to see how the trailer created suspense which drew a large audience to see the film. The opening of the trailer creates suspense already by using music, deep drums, wind instruments which fluctuates pitch and violins which is made short and fast. All of these instruments put together make a very suspenseful and thrilling soundtrack. The voiceover has a very deep voice, which goes with the music well. Then the video shows the sharks view from underneath a lady swimming at night. You see her head get pulled under and she starts screaming but your not entirely sure what it is until the next shot has 'killer shark' on a game, then your suspicions are resolved. Half way through the clip you see a man who knows that their are sharks out their but the beach is not closed off, he's sitting on the beach distressed and keeps thinking he seems people who have been attacked by the shark. then the music starts up again and you see the sharks point of view from under the water, waiting for him to attack.
The final few words of the trailer really grab your attention. 'See it before you go swimming' makes you aware that there could potentially be a shark in the water and be very cautious and make you want to see the film.

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