Friday, 25 March 2011

Evaluation/ Analysis of Pre-lim film

Starts with a production made from Live Type with a green background and the Directors names 'Temi and Mehdi'. Then shows a shot of me walking towards the door and then shows an over shoulder shot of me opening the door from a high angle point of view. The door slams however, this noise was take from Soundtrack Pro. The music goes from piano to action kind of music, however, quickly changes back to piano. There's a shot of me walking through the corridor after coming through the door and then walking towards a person i am about to start speaking to. From Emily's point, we use an over the shoulder shot of her talking to me, this works well as she is taller then me. Whereas, i am shorter then Emily we use a point of view shot as I'm talking to Emily. The scenes are repeated as our conversation goes on. We use a long shot of we walking towards her and that turns to a medium shot to a close up of me. we then finish the sequence of Emily looking at my phone as if I'm about to show her something, and the shot used for this is a two shot. the piano music is constantly on throughout mine and Emily's discussion. This is good as you can see that the conversation we had was real.

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