Thursday, 24 March 2011

Audience feedback for Rough Cut

To make a positive film we must need some feedback good and bad to see what we could improve on. i went around and asked some people to look at my groups rough cut and give suggestions to what they think would make it better. Nearly all of them said the same thing which was to add a title sequence with titles of the names of the people in the film, who edited sound, who produced it etc...

Some people also said make the scene where the person that gets killed in the film (Lashmi) a little bit longer so that we wait more and the tension and anxiety builds up to bring suspence into the film. This is good as this is what we actually want as it is a psycoligical thriller.Other people mentioned that we should add some scary sounds or just plain tension build up sounds where the sound gets louder and louder, and other sounds.

However their were some things they said they really liked as some mentioned the beginning as they said they liked the way the killer teacher had weapons and a list of people she killed and who is her next target. They also liked the last bit when Lashmi is lying on the floor and the camera starts to zoom up on the id card. In addition they also said they loved the fact that the killer was still alive and not stopped which leads to a clif hanger.

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