Friday, 25 March 2011

Analysis of thriller watched in class "The Step Father"

In recent times the horror genre has been divided into two paths, the brutally gruesome and the suspenseful. The Stepfather clearly is going for the second category, which would have been fine if it were in fact thrilling as it possibly could be. The idea is strong and the characters are appealing but the movie is missing the one element that might earn it an audience, terror. However it employs a range of codes and conventions which make it a thriller film; this including the use of false plateau. This technique involves deceiving the audience into thinking a dramatic scene will occur, One other example of a technique used in this to build tension is the use of music, e.g starting of with slow sort of airy music and then finishing off with a more up tempo beat, the transition from one sound to another is very important as its aim to catch the viewer of guard in other words surprise/ frighten.

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