Monday, 28 March 2011

Q.2How does your media product repersent particular social groups?

The things that are similar is when Emily has her hood up. This shows representation of age/youth as although she is played as a teacher she is disguised as a stereotypical teenager. The hood that she is wearing also conveys age as it is stereotyped for teens to wear hoods especially the bad ones, which Emily does play a part in as she is definitely not a good person.

Here are some of the clips that are similar from our piece and the movie Adulthood, from these images you can see that the stereotypical teenager is represented using the cliché stereotype of wearing a "hoody" and a pair of trainers.

One of the differences is that she is a female which goes against the stereo type as the teen being a male. Usually when it comes to violence it is a male that is shown doing the killing but in this case it is different.

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