Thursday, 17 March 2011

Written down action plan for thriller opening

Before we started the actual production of our thriller we drew out an action plan of what scenes were going to be done, when they were going to be done, where they were going to be done, and who was going to be more involved at certain stages. the reason why we did this was because in our jelly babies animatic doing a written down plan proved to be effective as the production went through very smoothly and error/ dilemma free. So we were inspired by our previous success.

 On the image above it show that we planned things like who will be responsible for assembling the props, booking certain locations, time table of what days we were going to do which shoots and manny more other critical things.

The image bellow contains the planning of our locations, what shots we were going to do there and what key props will be needed to do specific scenes.

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