Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Definition of suspence

My definition of suspense is a mixture of tension and anxiety all put into one. It can be in a certain position where you are uncertain and in a doubt of something. However linking it to Thriller it can be said to be as exciting/enjoyable tension as the film may end or what is going to happen. an eagerness to find out. It builds up to anxiety in my opinion as it gets closer to the tension the audience is feeling and what they are worrying about.

 In my group we looked at the thriller trailer of the film JAWS and how it related to the idea of suspense. One of the things that reinforced the anxiety was the soundtrack as the shark came closer to its victim. It started of soft and slow then eventually started to gradually speed up as it approach closer to its victim. this related back to the suspense building up. The editing was good as well as the shots were film above the surface of the water to create an image of an ordinary day at the beach. The water beneath it is normal however there is something beneath it. It shows that the people are completely blind and oblivious to what is going on. The editing of the sounds and clips were very effective.

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