Friday, 18 March 2011

Added Features to Risk Assesment

In Finsbury park, we put are bags and equipment next to us. We never let it out our sight as there were many dogs, people and bike riders coming up and down the trail. The severity of it occurring would be High and the likely hood would be Medium, as there are people who would steal the stuff. 

Me laying on the floor: the risk was low and the likely hood of me getting hit by a person on a bike was low. this is because i had my group all standing around me in the same place. However, just standing out of the shot. So, people passing by would have acknowledged not to ride towards us. 

Bushes with thorns: Severity of this was medium and the likely hood was also medium as we were filming right near the bushes and in the bushes. Action to prevent this was to stay away from the bushes with thorns and film in the ones that were harmless.

 Cliffs: Severity was high and likely hood was medium. In order to prevent falling from the miniature cliffs, we stayed in the middle of the train and far away from the cliffs, so that we never fell.

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