Thursday, 31 March 2011

Q4&5: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract your audience?

An institution that would distribute our media product wouldn't be a conglomerate, it would be a small distribution company in England that liked the look of our thriller opening. However, because our film was very low budget, means that were limited to how we market our film. With a small distribution company, like Film Distribution Association, they are an independent company and because of this, our film would require different marketing to a mainstream blockbuster.

The internet is a very good way of effectively distributing new films, through video sharing sites, which can be rated out of 5 stars, and comments can be made, so a good amount of feedback is received, which tells you what your audience thinks about the clip, which is a very simple and cheap way to get find out what people thought was good, and could be improved. This would be our main way to advertise our film, and then maybe through that, an independent company would then buy our film, because they see the potential in it. Blockbuster films would be marketed very differently to gain a wider audience, through cinematic releases, premiers, billboards, Facebook, twitter, flyers, posters, as well as video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Task 1:
Bbc film network, is a realistic showcase, which provides opportunities for young film makers and help get the product to the market.
Amateur film

This film maker found an audience by uploading their film to the bbc film network, for people who want to get opinions about their film making, from other people who like to browse and make short films too. This can be a very helpful and expressive way to share your films and learn techniques to improve your own.

Task 2:
Vimeo, a video sharing site, where lots of different audiences can find it.

Task 3:
Youtube, a very popular video sharing site, which reaches a wide audience and user comments and ratings.
 to be continued

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