Friday, 25 March 2011

Just To clear our name change

Our original name that we had for our film was 'A Perfect world', however, chose to change it as we wanted it to relate to the subject of a killer teacher more. We also changed it because originally when we started planning months ago, we had a blackboard in the storyboard with the subject of what the teacher was going to be teaching, which said 'A Perfect World', but as said before, we wantd to relate it back to the topic. We then changed it to 'Psycho teacher' however, this title gave away too much of the story. There is no point in making a Thriller, which is supposed to build up so much tension to the finale, but then the name of the film gies it away. Temi then decided to call it 'Imperfections'. I personally thought this was a perfect title, as the meaning of it is good and it does not gie too much of the plot away. Therefore, our concluding name for our film is in fact 'Imperfections'.

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