Thursday, 24 March 2011

Props, Costume, Hair and Make Up

For my props, i was responsible for making sure i had my college ID card, phone and handbag. These things were important for my character to have, as students normally carry these items around. For my costumer, i was all blacked out with grey Ugg boots and a tie. The tie made me look like i was young and it was clear for the audience to acknowledge that i was a student, whether i was a school or college student.    This was a good prop to use and i enjoyed wearing my old school tie. 

For my Make up, i had to have suttle make up to show my youth and innocence, as a student. Also, i didn't want to look overdone, as this can often spoil a movie. My hair was naturaly wavey and there was no need to straighten it as it was going to get messed up anyways, when filming the killing scene. 

Furthermore, as Emily had to have her hood up i gave her a hair band to tie her fringe into her hood, so that it didn't fall out whilst she was following me. Having a hair band was an advantage for us as we were able to tie up her short hair. Emily also wore darkish clothes. We wanted to disguise her to show that she is not a teacher, even though she is. This is the reason why we gave her normal trainers, a coat and jeans. As a killer teacher wouldn't kill in her work suit, as this may leave too much evidence, which is why Emily's disguise was convenient. 

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