Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Treatment for our thriller

The treatment for our thriller is basically a 'Psycho teacher' that may seem as your average high school/secondary school teacher but really is a crazy psychotic murderer. The teacher has a problem on everything being 'perfect' and unluckily for one student that comes to be different from the others in her class is a target for the crazy teacher. The student which is played by one of our group members Lashmi does not know what she is about to face having been followed after school by the killer. This movie will be filled with suspense throughout to keep the viewer guessing and will take them on a psychological journey of uncertainty as it is a normal sunny hot day where you don't expect to be killed.

The reason we chose our thriller to be like this is because we knew that this type of sub genre is known to to build tension, one famous movie that shows an example of this is The Step Father. Films that are made in this way is to make the audience feel a sense of uncertainty and unpredictability. By having the main character psychologically troubled. This is the type of sub genre we intend to have and hope of making it this way.

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