Friday, 18 March 2011

Planning Story Board for Thriller

Above you can see the first scenes for our Thriller. The first shot shows a simple blackboard, table, chair and books. The second shot starts to show and Apple, pencil cup with stationary in it and the same books. The third shot is like a bird's eye view of the table where you can see most of the items that will be placed on the table. These are ordinary things that teachers would have on their table's, so we thought that this would be a good thing to ass in. The shots below show that inside the draw there is a knife, we couldn't use a real knife as this would create problems for us, so we used a blade instead, that we actually found in the same draw we filmed in (Arts department obviously). we then see the feet.

Above you can see an open book, a draw with a book and knife inside it and then the blackboard saying "A Perfect World". This was the original title however, we changed it to "Psycho Teacher".

Lastly, you can see that the teacher has packed the knife in the case and taken it out. The teacher then follows the student into a park and shows shows various shots of the feet, park and trail. 
Originally, this was the plan, however, due to lack of finding a good teachers draw to set it in, we had to use the Art classroom draw as our last option. There were classes going on when we needed to film inside, which made complications, as our timetables clashed. So our film didn't go accordingly to this storyboard. However, this storyboard was more like a guideline, and the group decided to film spontaneously to see what kind of an outcome we would get.

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