Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Risk assesment while filming

A risk assessment identifies any hazards that could occur while were doing filming, which we don't want, so doing a chart before we film helps prevent anything happening which is uneccesary and time wasting. We filmed very close to Finsbury park, we were on a steep hill walkway. Firstly we had to get to our location, so we'd have to get the bus. This meant crossing roads to get into the park, the method of preventation was looking left and right when crossing and always using the green man. Another risk was falling over, which could hurt our hands or knees. However the severity is lower than crossing a road. Tieing shoe laces and being catious what you walk on. Wearing comforatable shoes helps too. When we were on the bus travelling to our location, we were very careful with taking care of the camera and tri pod. We always knew where they were while we were filming. Our film didn't involve using too many weapons or props but when we did we were very careful not to hurt ourselves accidentily. We managed to film successfully without any risks we idenitfied occuring, and the risk assessment helped. 

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