Friday, 18 March 2011

Freeze Frame Effect

These are shots shown of me being dead after my teacher in the Thriller has just killed me. We used the first shot to show what has happened to me. The second shot is of me laying holding my ID card. the third shot is of just my arm and card and then the final shot of my ID card, to show who i am. This shows the audience that i am a student and i have been killed.

How to use Freeze Frame in Final Cut was very simple. I clicked on the clip that i wanted, i paused it on the picture i needed and then i would go to Modify and click 'make Freeze Frame', as shown below. 

I have used two pictured here. One is to show how the whole page would look, which is the bottom picture, and the picture above is to show what i need to go to, but a zoomed in version.

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