Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Different shot types and camera movements

There are different types of the way a camera moves(camera movements), however their are four main ones. These four are: Hand held , Panning, Tilting and lastly Tracking. 
Hand held is when the person using the camera is not having an concentrated sight on the object or what he/she is trying to film. It is used to create distress and as the name suggests it is held on the hand rather then holding it still on a tripod. 
Panning is when the camera moves horizontally where the camera is placed on a tripod it is usually used to follow a moving object which is kept in the middle of the frame.
Tilting has similarities to panning however it is a movement that follows the an object vertically.  
Tracking is when the camera moves sideways, following the action. For example the camera could be placed on a car while its driving to portray movement.

Shot types

Close up, this captures the whole head.

Extreme Close up, captures only the facial features.

Medium close up, this captures head and the shoulders of the person.

Mid shot, this allows the camera to capture above the waist

Long shot, this captures the full body


Wide Shot

Extreme wide shot

Cut in- which is part of the action in detail

Cut away- a shot of something else rather then the actual shot

Two shot- With two people in the shot

Over the shoulder shot

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