Monday, 28 March 2011

Evaluation Q2- How does your media product represent partcular social groups?

 This is a comparison between our hooded pictures from our film and 'Kidulthood'. This can stereotype how the characters in the hoods are always the culprits. However, as a society we know this is not true. However, as this is a film, it will be played with and abused by the film makers, in order to make the film good and realistic. However, in our film a hood was used to disguise the culprit. Whereas, in 'Kidulthood' a hood was worn as a fashion statement, as the young teenagers of today often wear them. It is also common for adults to wear them when they are exercising or just simply dressing casual. 


These pictures show a jumper that we put on our psycho teacher as part of her clothing being worn in the class. We didn't want to make it obvious that it was a teacher as we wanted to make the audience work. If we put a jumper on the teacher and shot scenes of being in the class, then the audience would have to figure out whether the character was the teacher or a student.

These pictures show weapons that were shown in the films. The bat was the famous weapon that was used to kill in Kidulthood. Whereas, in our film, we just done shots on these classroom objects, as they are simply tools, but can also be used as lethal weapons.

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