Thursday, 17 March 2011

TItle sequence of Seven

The title sequence for Seven is very powerful. a combination of colours, clips and fonts create really dark thoughts about what this film is about. Throughout, you see clips of somebody making something, and you see what kinda of tools they use to make it. It looks like paper with lots of writing is being sewn together, but why? The fingers nails of this person are dirty and tattered which suggests brutality of some sort in this psychological thriller. There is no voice over what so ever in the title sequence but there is creepy sounding music, which sounds like static sometimes and creaking floor boards. This sets a mood of the film for the audience. The font and positioning of the font is eye-grabbing as it flickers and doesn't stay there for long, which catches your attention more so. The words come up like they are being turned on by a light switch. The pictures you see towards the end are disturbing with massive nails going through peoples head. This gives more of an idea what the film will be like. The beginning of a film tells a lot about the story line and reveals clues as to whats going to happen.

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