Friday, 18 March 2011

Evaluation/ Analysis of Pre-lim film

Our Pre-lim film starts off as a Live Type production saying 'Directed by Temi and Mehdi'. This helps to introduce our film. The first shot is of me walking towards the door, going to open the door and then walking through it. When i open the door the shot is taken from a high angle point of view. the film begins with a happy piano melody. However, when i walk through the door, you hear the door slam (obviously a noise taken from Soundtrack pro) and then this action beat kicks in. However, when I'm walking through the corridor on my way to approaching Emily, the music turns back to the piano.

Furthermore, when i approach Emily to talk to her, the shots used from Emily's point of view are over the shoulder shots. Whereas, when i was talking the shot used was filmed from my point of view. this worked out well as Emily was taller then m, you could see my face and her shoulder. Whereas, when i was talking to Emily, you could see her face and her expressions from the responses i was giving her. We also rotated this. so when i was talking to Emily, an over the shoulder shot was used and when she replied to me, a point of view shot was filmed. This worked out good as it gave the directors both an equal experience of filming, as they were both filming the same shots as each other. We then ended the clip with a two shot and this was really effective as it blurred us out after, however, this was down to or filming but still worked out to the best.

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