Friday, 11 March 2011

Analysis of a Title Sequence

For my analysation of a title sequence, i looked at the 'What Lies Beneath' opening sequence. It first intoduces that its a 20th Century Fox film and shows an 'Image Movers' picture. The scary music starts to play with a background of being in the sea. The music consisted of a choir, piano and violin. The titles start coming in saying '20th Century Fox' and the production 'Image Movers presents' "WHAT LIES BENEATH'. I feel it was written in bold capitals, so that he audience acknowledge that thats the title of the film. Then you hear a whispering voice and a ghost like face appear on the screen, however, transforms into the main characters face. It happens very quickly, so the audience will only be able to realise the ghost face if they pay a lot of attention to it. You then see a typical bathroom, which follow the connotations of having a white bath tub and white shower curtains etc. Weird things happen in the bathroom in the first 2 minutes of the film. The hair dryer stops working and then she electrocutes herself when she touches the plug socket. The opening techniques to his film is very good as it creates tension right from the beginning of the film. 

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