Monday, 21 March 2011

Taking you back to Finsbury Park

I went back to Finsbury park where we shot our Media Thriller to take pictures of the scene and too explain where we filmed in detail.

These two pictures above show the trail where we were filming. I tried to make sure no one was in the picture to give a clear shot of the actual trail. This is the part where we done the paranoid scene of me running and the 'Psycho teacher' following me getting ready to kill me.

Next to the scene of me laying on the floor, there was this little hill next to me. I wanted to roll down this hill however, this would clash with the risk assessment  and it was far too dangerous, so as a group we decided not to allow it happen.

 This picture shows the trail. However, if you look to both left and right of the picture, you can see there are small hills.These hills were actually very steep, which is why we had to stay away from the.

 One side of the hill from a distance.
 The steepness of the hill.
 The steepness of the hill.

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