Sunday, 27 March 2011

Animatic story board analysis, and filming techniques.

An animatic story board is a small scale film which helps you decide what type of shot angle you will use when actually filming. By doing this, you can see from what you originally thought was a good angle, is not that good and there are better ways to show a conversation for example. We used jelly babies for our preliminary piece, instead of people, small it was microscaled.
We were taught to film 5 seconds before and after everything we recorded, so you can edit out the best parts, and so the clip doesn't start so suddenly. This helped when we edited our final film because we had lots of slack to edit from because we filmed before we actually wanted to film from.
The 180 degree camera rule is where two people of objects in a room have to have the same left-right relationship with each other. Filming a scene from two opposite sides is known as a reverse angle.
Match cut is a cut of film editing, between two differemt objects, that links two objects together. Often used to link action in films.

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