Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Audience Feed back of the Rough Cut

I went around college both showing students and teachers our Thriller film. I wanted to get positive and negative feed back, so that i could work on what needed to be improved and what could change. Most of the viewers said that are opening needed to have added titles and a better opening sequence. They said make the build up of the killing scene longer, so that when it happens, there is more life in it. Also, that this helps the thriller altogether and creates more tension. Furthermore, they said that the ending was good as you know the killer is still loose and it ends on a cliff hanger. I though this was a good fact that was pointed out. They said the part when i was attacked was good as you could see a fight scene. There was no fake blood used as we didn't want it too look over done, however, some of the audience said how it would have been good to use.

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