Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sub genres that inspire me

Which sub genre inspires me at the moment and why?

List of differnt sub genres: Conspiracy thriller, Pshycological thriller, Erotic thriller, Supernatural thriler,Disaster thriller, Legal thriler, Religious thriller and more.

There are plenty of different sub genres out there but for me personally i prefer to watch Pshycological thrillers. It grabs my attention everytime i watch a pshycotic film, as it makes you think what is going to happen. good ending? bad ending? it makes the audience start thinking. Inaddition it keeps me locked on to the film as it brings tention and axiety to create suspence. One example of a Psycological film would be the film 'Orphan' and 'The Step Father'.

Anouther type of thriller sub genre i prefer to watch and be inspired by is Supernatural thriller in which it is all about tention and suspence building up alongwith twisted plots. It is similier to the pshycological thriller it just grips my attention and does not let me skip the film. It is also a world of where anything could happen as their is nothing normal happening whatsoever. 2 examples of a Supernatural thriller would be: what lies beneath and unbreakable.

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