Friday, 25 March 2011

Importing and exporting

 The reason why i am blogging about this task is because it is one of the ones that i had found quite challenging at the start of the project, but now I'm showing that i have gained an understanding of this process.
  • First of all i had to IN and OUT it and the beginning and the end
  • Saved this as Main opening sequence (names of people in my group)
  • I then opened up sound track pro
  • The sound track i uploaded was inspired by the on in "Enemy of the state"
  • I then imported our Opening sequence into the Sound track pro software
  • now i was able to move about the music to places were it seemed best
  • Whilst doing this i was able to watch our opening in small on the top left had side of the window
  • We then saved this as soundtrack for final piece  
  • Went back into the final cut pro software and imported the soundtrack for final piece  file from our video drive
  • I then muted all other sound that was in our previous opening sequence as we only wanted our new sound track to be heard
  • finally I dragged our soundtrack onto the tabs and pressed F13 the screen to watch it bigger and it played with the title sequence.

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