Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Analysis of 'I Know Who Killed Me'

I Know Who Killed Me is an Erotic Thriller based on a young girl (Dakota) who unknowingly has a twin sister who was abducted, tortured, and then buried alive. Everything that happens to the tortured twin (Aubrey) also happens to Dakota, resulting in unexplained wounds and severe bleeding for her.  As the girls are unaware of each other, their identity becomes mixed around and now Dakota has to follow her gut feeling and prove that she is not Aubrey and that she is Dakota, and that her sister is in fact out there still in grave danger.

Suspense is created from the very start of the opening scene. There is no dialogue and there is just music. The title sequences appear on the screen and the scene continues. Dakota the stripper twin who works in a nightclub starts to dance on a pool on the main stage in the club. Already, conventions of a typical Thriller have been used as the color red has been shown a lot. Her outfit is red and black, her hair is black and the spotlight on her is red. This normally represents romance. However, in this particular Thriller it represents danger is coming her way. Throughout the dance routine she then slides herself and her hand down the pool, where unexplained blood occurs from her hand. She is unaware that her hand is bleeding, and as she feels no pain, this creates suspense and leaves the audience questioning what is happening, why and what is going to happen next.

Furthermore, half way through the film, Dakota is sitting in Aubrey’s bedroom cracking her password on her laptop, which happens to be Dakota’s name. she then lights a fag and types in “Bleeding wounds unexplained’ to try and solve the mystery to her wounds and figure out what is happening to her. A film on stigmata twins then appears giving explanations of wounds happening unexplained. This then gives Dakota a hunch that she may be the twin of Audrey, so as Audrey is getting tortured, the same wounds are happening to her. The fag helps to create suspense towards this, as her fag is getting smaller and smaller, she is getting closer and closer to the facts of what’s happening. Aubrey’s mother then comes into the room, “This is a non smoking house young lady”, but then takes a pull herself and then dabs out the fag. This adds a small connection to the mother and the believed to be “Audrey”. The length of the fag going down, Dakota getting closer to the answer she is looking for and the creepy music in the background of Dakota researching all helps to create suspense. This also keeps the audience guessing on whether she is or isn’t Aubrey.

Finally, in the concluding scene, conventions of a typical killer’s house is shown to have stained glass windows, a creepy basement and creaking floorboards. There are  many typical props used such as knives and other sharp tools that would be used for murder’s. This all helps to create suspense and once again leaves the audience asking questions.  

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