Sunday, 27 February 2011

Definitions of Suspense

My definition od suspense is a mixture between enjoyable tension and anxiety. It can be seen as being in a state or condiion of being unsure or in doubt of something. However, referring back to Thriller, it can be described as enjoyable tension becasue it is a feeling of tense excitement about how a novel or film may end. Suspense in my opinion can also relate to anxiety as it builds up intense worry about something.

In my group we watched a clip to jaws and it related back to how suspense is created. In jaws, the most known thing for this film is the soundtrack music of when the shark is about to attack. The sound is slower at first, however, when the sharks moves closer to it's victim, the music starts to speed up, relating back to suspense building up.

The editing of Jaws was good and realistic, as the shots filmed abover water were how a day would normally be at a beach. However, under water the sea flow is normal, but shows that something is down there. Whereas, the people on the beach are oblivious to what is going to happen. The editing of clips and sound to match the clips were very effective and gives me a great understanding of how suspense is supposed to be represented as.

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