Saturday, 26 February 2011

Introduction to Editing skills

As part of my A-level media editing, the class was introduced to the software Final Cut Pro. This software is purely used for editing flms. Final cut teachers you to shorten clips, either make the clips slower or speed them up and to add special effects. This helps to make your film look more proffessional and fresh. By using Final Cut, you have to upload your clips on to the desktopfrom the hard driven and save it on to there. You then save it in to a folder and move the clips from this folder into Final Cut. By doing this it makes it easier to edit and as your clips you shot are automatically in the order they were flmed in, makes it more fun and interesting to edit on Fibnal Cut Pro.

Some effects used on Final Cut are cross fade, dissolve and Desaturate.

A screen Grab of how Final Cut Pro looks like.

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