Sunday, 27 February 2011

Introduction to Camera's: Skills

In class we were introduced to the camera's we would be filming with and th skills we would need to know to help us with filming. We were firstly introduced to the rules and regulations regarding the use with the camera's. The camera's cost £3000, so it is important to know the uses of them so we don't break them. The buttons on the JVC were shown to us by the technician Micky. With the camera comes a battery, memory stick, Tripod and an umbrella if needed, depending on the weather. When were finished using the camera's the memory stick needs to be taken out of the camera and handed in to the technicians office to put safely into a draw. This avoids comfusions and mix ups with students work.

The Tripod is the three legged stand that holds the camera securely. By using this, shots come out more proffessional, as they are not handheld. It has a red button on it that clicks the camera into place when the camera is fitted on to it. You can also shoot shots such as extreme close ups, close ups, long shots and extreme long shots, two shots, Bird's eye view shots, low angle shots, over the shoulder and tracking. These techniques help to explore every angle of a clip and it's situation.

A Tripod


This is a similar JVC to the one we are using.

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