Thursday, 7 April 2011

Q.3) Who would be the audience for your media product?

Here are a montage of images depicting the contents of the handbag/man bag etc... belonging to the typical target audience member for our movie. Which i feel our main target audience is the male target audience.

Here as you can clearly see are pictures of things that a typical male would have. From the age range of 14-35 as their are things that the young male audience will have such as the Adidas bag and the football boots while the older med will have man bags and a nice pair of shoes. They would both have a mobile phone and also a ipod to listen to the music they would listen to. For example a young male audience would listen to hip-hop, RnB etc.. while a older male audience would go for more classic songs.

Here is an example of a little lifestyle summary: Max,26, an British born citizen born currently working at a travel angency, he loves to spend time with the family going out as well as hanging out with his male friends, for example going bowling with friends while watching family movies with his friends. He does not shop much but does like to go to game shops like GAME, Game station and other places such as HMV to buy some songs that he prefers. He does go shooping for clothes but not often, mainly going places like Top Man, River island,Sports direct, JD etc...

He is an example of a person that will suit our target audience as our film contains violence, suspense and action what you would expect  from a typical male audience.

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