Thursday, 7 April 2011

Q8: What do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Our preliminary filming was very basic, meaning we used a smaller variety of camera shots and hardly any editing was involved compared to our final product. We put in titles and sound effect into our final product whereas our preliminary piece there were no titles and very limited sounds to create effect. We were able to develop our skills by practising with final cut pro and seeing what was the best way of putting clips together and editing. This meant our final piece looked more professional, also because we had more time to edit and plan how we were going to film. Some clips we filmed we realised didn't look as good and so we didn't use them in the final piece. We just found another way of showing this, through a sound effect, like Lashmi screaming, originally while filming, we couldn't manage to get the right picture as well as the sound, so we decided to put an effect in there instead.

When we made our pre-lim we were a lot less experienced, and so had more trouble deciding on where to film, what shot types we should use, it was harder to make decisions in the time we had and make it work when editing. It was easier though that we had a shorter amount of time, it meant we had to be decisive and spend less time worrying about what to film rather than just film.
When we were making our final product,

to be continued

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