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Question 4 and 5 (Not finished)......

First of all the production my film is an independent student film. Therefore this would require a different type of distribution than a mainstream blockbuster. The reason for this is because we are limited to the use of the internet as we do not have millions of pounds to spend on distributing our film such as advertisements. The internet is used in many ways to to advertise and get views for small independent media productions in distribution/marketing and attracting an audience. The target audiences such as people from our college and also in general students as well. Their are so many examples to distribute an independent student film. Here are some examples of some:

Social network sites: Facebook and twitter.

Video sharing sites: Youtube, Vimeo and the BBC film network.

DVD release of 200 copies, Blogs, trailers, banners, Fliers, Trailers( which can be posted on the video sharing sites), Cinematic release, Local newspaper (maybe small review), Word of mouth, Film festivals etc...

The 3 media institutions/video sharing sites are good for distributing our student films as they each have advantages of using them.

First of all is Youtube which is a very popular site known to many people in the world, reaches a more wider audience to the other media institutions . It lets you post any video at all such as :Music, trailers,films etc... In addition it allows people to comment and 'like or dislike' videos to show how good or bad your video is.

Second media institution/video sharing site would be Vimeo. This is similar to youtube as it lets you upload videos, share videos and view videos. However it does not have the freedom to post any type of video as the site is used to upload movies and short independent movies. It attracts a more niche audience. Which does give us a wide range of audience.

 Lastly the other example we looked at is the BBC film network. This allows people to actually provide real showcase videos/movies to go to the market for young film makers.

 Examples of video's from video film networks.


This video is the most viewed on the youtube chanel hurtwood house media, the reason they found and attracted an audience by using this network/site is by having ratings and comments from people that have watched it. 



Prologue - Short Film from Bradley W. Ragland on Vimeo.

They found and attracted their audience also by the comments and rating system such as likes however it does not have a dislike section as youtube does, which wont allow the audience to know if more like it or more dislike it unless you read all the positive comments to the negative ones. Also it does not show the amount of views.

BBC Film Network:

In this site the way they find their audience is the average ratings they have for example this video has a rating of 4 stars which is very good. Also people can also comment the same as YouTube or vimeo. Theirs a section that says ‘send to a friend’ which is also helpful as if a person likes it they can send it to another person for more ratings, although it might not always be good ratings. However this site does not have views for the video s it would be difficult to see if a lot of people have watched it or not.

Comparisons to my video would be me using a similar model such as Blogger where you can blog posts of videos. Also by receiving comments from other bloggers. However the difference would be in blogger you cannot have ratings from other users of the site. Also in Blogger you can be able to post pictures as well while the other sites wont be able to do that. Unless lets say YouTube posts pictures in a video but still then it would not be a normal image uploaded. Web competitions YouTube would probably get the upper hand as iit has a more wide range to the others as it is any type of video.

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