Friday, 8 April 2011

Q8- Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

When starting our preliminary, the group were just getting to know each other, and were each practicing how to film the scenes and different kinds of shots. We were trying to get in a wide range of shots.

This shot shows the introduction to our preliminary

This was the first over the shoulder shot we used.

 Medium long shot

 Close up

 Emily's Over the shoulder shot

 My over the shoulder shot

 Close up of Emily

 Close up of me

 Medium two shot

 Medium long two shot

 Long two shot

These shots shown above our evidence of us playing with the camera and filming different kind of shots. These shots helped us learn more and we used similar shots in our final Thriller film. 

The beginning of our film. 

 Emily's Over the shoulder shot

 Medium shot

Point of view and long shot

 High angle point of view shot

 My low angle point of view shot

 Medium shot

 Close up

You can see here that a lot of these shots are similar to the ones we took in our preliminary exercise. 

Furthermore, we did make a few mistakes during the filming of both the preliminary and the final cut. These two pictures below show a high angle over the shoulder shot. The way it was filmed was not so much of a mistake. However, as the shots were both high angles and the the majority of the rest of the films were filmed at a normal angle. When putting the clips into the film, it looked un professional, as the screen jumped from a normal shot, to a high angle shot to a normal shot again. In order to make it flow more in the film, we had to add an effect.  

From this exercise, i have now learnt that when i'm filming from a high or low angle, i need to make sure that i get similar footage to that, so that it can fit better into the film. I have also learnt about timing in the film. By filming 5 seconds extra at the beginning and at the end, i am able to cut out shots i don't need and get an estimated time of where i should put my 'in' and 'ou't marks on Final Cut Pro. Also, that the head of the character on screen, must be touching the top of the frame. From looking at my preliminary and Final cut, you can see the comparisons in the shots, however, you can also see the progress i have made in filming. 

My experience filming these two films were good, as i had a lot of help from Emily on screen. We both helped each other by communicating on how to act to something specific that is going on in the scene. Also, We cooperated very well, we did not put each other off, when having to film the point of view shots, so that was a big help. I now know how to properly use soundtrack pro and livetype, i can now use them on my own without help, so my progress has really increased there, as before the course i had no idea what to do when on the software. My editing in Final cut has become a lot more better, as i now understand the importance of timing, shot ranges, skills and effects. Therefore, i believe the Preliminary was worth filming as it prepared the group for what was coming, it also gave us more time to work as a team and to help each other out. My overall experience of the filming and editing together was fun, as the group was great together, we knew when to laugh and when to do our work. Which is why we worked so well together. 

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