Friday, 8 April 2011

Q4&5- What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/ address your audience?

The type of production our Thriller film is was a low budget film. Our distribution techniques were very different compared to mainstream films and blockbuster films, due to the fact that ours was low budget. Conglomerates have the money to advertise and distribute their film. However, as ours was a student made low budget film, we had to tackle other ways in order to distribute our Thriller. We had our own shared cinema screening and a DVD release of 200 copies. As this is a low budget film, this kind of distribution was very successful.

With the help of the internet, advertising for our film became easier. We were able to put our films onto Vimeo. We were also able to look at the BBC Network site and look at films made. Vimeo is a similar site to Youtube, however Vimeo is for amateur low budget film makers, who want to advertise their work. By putting their work on VIMEO, professionals are able to look at this work and find potential people who would be good film makers or simply be good working in a conglomerate industry. This helps to create opportunities for young people and to get their product on the market.

This is a video by other students. It is their media coursework taken from Youtube.

This video can be compared to mine as the soundtrack in my video starts off with wind blowing and this film does the same. There is a bit of blood being used in this video, where the character is writing in blood. This is similar to my video, as our culprit is crossing off a name in blood, whereas, the culprit in this student made video is writing. So you can see the comparisons between the two, as there is a close up focus on what is going on there with the blood. Furthermore, there are some differences between our videos. There was a bit of dialogue in this video and the titles are on a black background, whereas, we done are titles on the actual film background. Also, we did not use dialogue in our film, as we wanted to make the audience work. Tension is both created in similar ways, as we both build up tension to create suspense.  Both the films are left on a cliff hanger, which is why I felt this was a good example to compare my film to.

In addition, we have both advertised ours in the same way. My group used Vimeo, A Cinema Screening, DVD releases and Facebook to advertise and distribute ours, for a wider audience. This group has put their video on youtube, in order to get a wider world audience. The views are also high, as it has over 10,000 views. For a student made low budget film, these figures are high. The films also receive ratings and comments, so the makers know the audience feed back and responses towards the film. 

I also used this film as an example in comparison to my film, as there is a similar plot. The whole following happened a lot in this film and my film. There was a struggle of the victim trying to break free however, failing and resulting in death. The Mise en scene is also very similar. The location of the following scenes are both taken in the forest. The build up was created in the same way. Similar kind of shots such as over the shoulder shots were used, in order of not being able to see the characters face, which results in the audience working more. 

Bringing you to my conclusion, To attract a wider audience and to distribute our film, we would use the internet in order to gain ratings and comments on our videos. Also, to get our product on the market and show that we can get a wider audience, just by using the help of the internet. 

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